On Stoicism and Religion

St. Mark was a Baptist and a philosophical leader. He has inspired many people to live lives that they enjoyed. Regardless of what your religion was, he was a very easy person to get along with. He followed stoicism very closely and its teachings intersect  over into his church. Most religious leaders don’t follow another Philosophy, but he wasn’t like most. He had a very simple plan with what he wanted to become, and what he wanted to do in his life.

On stoicism

Stoicism was a very old philosophy that was embraced by the Romans. One person that St. Mark really loved was Marcus Aurelius. Marcus was very interesting character as well as a leader. As emperor he had a lot to lose the really very little to gain. There were a lot of people that were after his wealth and power or even his reach. So every single day before Marcus started his days he would write down a little note to himself that read something similar to the following quote today I will encounter people wish to hurt me “. This gave him a lot of power and realizing that people are not all friendly and good. Life will always be full of challenges and people would always be out to get him.

To some people this may be a depressing thought, or a bad reality to envision the world. But instead to St. Mark this was a great revelation, he believed that by realizing that the world is not all pleasant you’re able to move past it and expect a lot less from people. With this attitude able to tackle anything that may stand in your way.

Knowing that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows actually gives you a lot of power. This forces you to look at life optimistically and focus on the things that is within your control. St. Mark from the Baptist Church always thought that everyone had a good side, even if it is buried within you can do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return. Life is exactly what you make of it and by focusing on the upside versus all your drawbacks you are actually empowered to live with great satisfaction.

Saint Martin believed that by focusing on your own mind and your own perceptions you can live a very meaningful life no matter what happens. Often times things are not as bad as we make them out to be. There are multiple prayers in the Bible that are asking for serenity‘s to control the things that are in their control. In the olden times you experienced much more more hardship then you do in the modern times. Meaning if the ancient people were able to overcome death disease and illness but using this philosophy there is much to learn for people like us in the modern day and age. Although times are way different the philosophies and thought process stands the same.

Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

That reminds me of a recent experience I had with a general contractor that came out to install lights into our building.He was a very pleasant and seemingly honorable man. He showed a lot of kindness and went above and beyond the call of duty and what I hired him for. That is a great example of how you might want to present yourself. For those of you wondering the name of the company was electrical contractors in buffalo | Expert Electricians and the job was fantastically done. I of course expressed my gratitude and made sure he felt welcomed!

This after all is the golden rule and if everyone followed it we would live a pretty decent world.

Most things are not bad or good.

After reading this you may be thinking to yourself, how can this be possible. Let me explain, it is not that the world hates us or is unfair but it is our perception of what is happening right now that is clouding your thoughts.

When you look at an animal in the wild that is hunting for its prey, and if you see it in action may be a shocking site. What a small animal gets attacked and killed do you view this as a good thing as a bad thing for something that is neutral?

If you are like most people you probably feel bad for the smaller animals and almost have an inclination to potential he help it. But will you must realize is that things are exactly as nature intended them to be. If the small animal got away and the hunter or the predator we have to go and search elsewhere, and if he does not find food and he too will die. If all of his prey get away and live happily and his species will become extinct. As humans we always eat animals without thinking twice. even if you were a vegetarian and you personally don’t eat meat how many people do you know around you eat the following:

  1. chicken
  2. beef
  3. Kyle
  4. pork

You probably ea them without thinking twice. Our species was able to survive based off of what we could hunt and what we could feed ourselves.

All in all nature is perfect the way it is. The week will die in the stronger will survive replicate and conquer. My coming into the church you feel a sense of companionship with those around you and with higher power. Religion is great because it gives people a moral code to abide by. However it starts to go south when there are multiple religions were fighting against each other, and killing in the name of God.

Religion and war

church life

The first commandment says love thy neighbor, nowhere in there does it say kill for your religion. This is very ridiculous to think about because all around the world the basis of every religion is the treat others well and love other people.
People have this instinct which makes them want to be right in an argument. Even though this goes against every single religion that is known to man there are still people who go out of their way to hurt others. Saint Chris was a Baptist like me and he greatly enjoyed spreading love to his community. Religious leaders are the one who are responsible for making sure that all of their followers understand this code.

Death and dying

Most people complain at the end of their life that they want more time, they wish they could start over. Most people would make drastic changes in their life that would give them more meeting. Learn more about that philosophy here.
It was Saint Paul of the Christian church that believed that life was not sure but indeed it was very long. If you know how to live and do not waste any time and you will have enough to do everything that you set out to do.

  • How many times have you engaged in an activity that you knew was a waste of time?
  • How many times have you aimlessly wandering around with no goal in mind?
  • How many times where you foolishly giving your time to anyone and everyone who demanded?

Think back to your life and leave a comment in the section below.

If you have ever watched TV for hours on end, subscribing to a service like Netflix then you were at fault. If you have ever played video games and owned a certain game system and you were also at fault. I am not fully against all of these distractions or entertainment systems. In fact if you want to spend your days playing video games and that is totally up to you. I once had a friend that owned and operated a Buffalo Carpet cleaning company (https://floorcleanings.com/) and he had a rule that his employees were not allowed to watch TV at any time.

However, I digress, at the end of your life you cannot be a person who lays on your deathbed and complains. It cannot be you that wishes you had more time.

Even if you would have lived 1000 years how much do you think he would really accomplish?

Do you think that you would create create something in the following years that you would not be able to create in the first hundred?

Most likely response will be no, if you were honest with yourself.

In closing

In conclusion, I hope that this article has at least made you ponder your life a little bit. My goal is not to convert you to Christianity or to join church. But I do hope that you can take a second out of your day and think deeply about some of the things that I have shared with you today. I wish you all the best in your future and if you may ever want some guidance from near the church, then my doors are always open.